Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rainforest Collection

A Unique Publishing Event



'This volume is
magnificent: there is
nothing like it
anywhere in the world
and I congratulate the
authors on this labour of love.

The drawings are superb syntheses of
scientific accuracy and aesthetic sensitivity,
as the best botanical illustration must be.'




This definitive work, 17 years in the making, covers the fruiting plants
of Australia's tropical rainforest in Queensland extending from Rockhampton on the Tropic of Capricorn through to the Torres Strait.
It identifies and describes 2,436 species of which 1,236 are illustrated
in vibrant colour.

Each species (except for a few which are leafless) is accompanied by
a line illustration of its leaf as an aid to identification. It is a testimony
to Wendy and Bill Coopers' passion for the Australian rainforest that
has resulted in this fine book, bestowing the reader with art of
unparalleled beauty alongside meticulous scientific research and


Their dedicated work will have a tremendous impact on the future of environmental sustainability as we gain knowledge of the fragile ecological balance within our rainforests and ways to maintain them for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.
Looking through this magnificent volume, one cannot help but be impressed by the academic and scientific importance of the text in combination with such a dazzling collection of paintings. It is indeed a book of art as well as a book of science.


Standard Edition

Page size: 300 x 230 mm
Extent: 632 pages
Printed on 130 gsm fine
quality satin art paper with
printed paper case and
French-folded dust jacket


The Coopers have earned themselves a place as pioneers in botanical history for their approach to the study of tropical rainforest plants using fruits as the primary means of identification. This book gives readers from all walks of life the ability to identify and appreciate the extraordinary diversity of the colourful fruits of the Australian tropical rainforest. Rainforest varies from the extremes of deciduous vine thickets to the classic lush wet rainforests and mangroves, all of which are covered in this book. Three maps are included which show all areas mentioned within the plant distribution descriptions.

The book has been divided into two sections, Gymnosperms (non flowering plants) and Angiosperms (flowering plants). For easy referencing, these sections have been laid out in alphabetical order of family, genera and species. This method of presentation is ideal for botanists or general readers who are interested in the fruiting plants of Australian tropical rainforests. There are keys to the families, genera and species and the meaning of every botanical name is explained.

Inspired by the magnificent diversity of plants in the northern Queensland tropical rainforest – where Wendy and husband Bill Cooper built their home in 1987 – Wendy spent the following years immersed in the study and collection of botanical specimens found there. This led to the publication in 1994 of her first book Fruits of the Rainforest. It was described by well-known tropical biologist, John Corner, as 'a pioneer work of outstanding merit'. This publication which identified 626 species sold out within a few years and is considered a collector's item today.

Wendy's serious passion for this spectacular habitat continued, and along with Bill, she spent the next ten years making excursions to remote areas of the rainforest collecting and researching specimens. The result of Wendy's magnificent effort has been the publication of this long awaited book, Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rainforest.

This definitive work is a credit to Wendy's unrelenting pursuit of botanical knowledge and provides a comprehensive guide to Australian tropical rainforest fruits. Her 17 years of dedication to this project is of huge scientific and cultural significance to Australia and her botanical expertise has left us a legacy that will form an integral piece of our botanical heritage.


To commemorate the publication of the book, Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rainforest,
we have published this poster print featuring
34 of the fruits included in the book.

It is ready for framing or to
simply hang as a poster.

900 x 595 mm

Printed on heavy, quality art paper
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